It all started when...

We acknowledge that we are beyond fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world, and to have many luxuries others don't. 

We each have individually tried to share the love either via volunteering of time, offering of skills and services or through donations. 

So why would we stop now?

For every sale of an Ahimsa Collective item, we donate $5.00 to a local Australian charity - who are trying to do their bit and also give back.

Support those who support you and your world, people! 

And those that we are currently choosing to support are GhostNets Australia

GhostNets Australia operate on the top half of Australia's western coastlines - right smack bang inline with the tides from Indonesia. They are a organisations who bring communities together to help clean up ocean debris that gets washed ashore. 

They call themselves the Saltwater People, and reading about their incredible  efforts and cleanups to date, you can see why. 

Make sure you check them out, give them a follow and of course donate. Because in this situation, money really does talk. And all the support we can collectively give, will benefit us all.