Sanskrit, from 'a' non/without + 'himsa' violence/harm.

Noun: Ahimsa, "respect for all living things and avoidance of harm towards others".
(in the Hindu, Buddhist & Jainist tradition)

At Ahimsa Collective HQ we apply the word Ahimsa to our treatment of the Earth and all of it's inhabitants, meaning during the production and the use of our wares, there is to be no suffering in any capacity. 

Under this guiding principle we will only ever work with certified Ethical and Sustainable suppliers and, where possible, produce locally here in Australia with people we know and trust. 

Our vegan handbags are made by one of Australia's leading craftsman and believe us when we tell you, he thought we were nuts when we told him we wanted to work with non-leather products let alone trash.

With over 40 years in the leather industry and hailing from his European family business, you can imagine his reaction to working with Pinatex® let alone Dead Stock. With each new development we work closely with him, in his Sydney factory, to ensure the best possible product is achieved and the vision for Ahimsa Collective is maintained in every process.

For our smaller hardware requirements, we continue to search for an Australian supplier but currently source these from China. It was important to ensure we worked with a small team who had the same values and ethos as we did around both human and environmental responsibility. Working with a small team and through regular trips between Australia and China, we can ensure these values and positive working conditions continue.

Our Ban the Bag 100% Cotton bags are produced in partnership with AS Colour. We chose AS Colour as a partner because of their incredibly strong views on human working rights, environmental impacts and overall social responsibility. Working closely with the AS Colour team ensures we have full transparency to their factories, production processes and maintaining the high level of responsibility that they and us, Ahimsa Collective, expect.

Lastly, the incredible minds behind Pinatex, Ananas Anam, have become a part of the Ahimsa Collective team. While based in London, they have graciously opened their doors to us on many occasions while we have been in London, and continue to have an 'open door' policy when it comes to providing information on their own social responsibility. This ensures we can make sure, by us using Pinatex, we continue to support a company with the same values and ethos as ours.

Regardless of our suppliers and partners, we undertake ongoing audits to ensure no changes have occurred within their social responsibility requirements. These audits for our Chinese suppliers and partners occur every 6 months, with our London partners occurring yearly. Those here in Australia we visit on a monthly basis.

For further information on our ethical processes and sustainable vegan materials, please email your questions to and we'll happily be in touch.

Find out how we also work to support the earth through those doing their part, over on our Social Responsibility page.