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Congratulations on your new purchase, and welcome. Just like any other material, ours need some love and care as well.

Below are a few tips and tricks on keeping your new Ahimsa Collective item looking as chic A.F. as the first day it wrapped itself around your arm.



As Pinatex is a natural material, it will wear and age based on how you use it, becoming your own unique item.

To help reduce any unwanted wear, keep your item in its cloth bag whenever it's not slung over your arm. Its best to keep it in a nice spot out of direct sun and away from water/moisture and perfumes.


Ongoing treatment of your Pinatex item is highly recommended, based on how often you use it will depend on how often you need to wax it.

A good sign is when you see the natural fibres of Pinatex showing, give them a good wax down. This is a natural effect of the Pinatex material so don't be alarmed - your item is still as strong as the first day you wrapped it in your arms.

If you have a black Pinatex item, then this will likely be more obvious than the metallic Pinatex products. Our metallic items are slightly different so there is no need to wax them.

We treat our own products with an eco-friendly boot polish. Using small spot treatments on only those areas that need it. You might also like to apply a small [and we mean small] amount of PawPaw cream to the handles, every now and then, to keep them looking fresh.

Remember, Pinatex is a plant - so it needs to be treated like your indoor plant friends. 


We stand by each and every design and purpose of our products BUT we do also understand that your style over the years might change or a need for a smaller/bigger/different product might arise.

Adhering to our no waste ethos, we offer a Recycling Programme. If your current item doesn't suit your needs anymore, simply email us on send it back to us to recycle and walk away with 10% off your next purchase.