Well would you look at that?

Finally, clever people in clever places have answered our prayers and developed a way to make new shit out of old shit. What a time to be alive. 

Enter - Pinatex®; a natural and sustainable non-woven textile made from the fibres of pineapple leaves. Essentially a bi-product of the pineapple farming industry. 

Want to know more? Read on.


The pineapple leaves are stripped into fine fibres through a process called decortication. These fibres are converted into a 'mesh' like material and then go through a manufacturing process. Voilà - Pinatex is made. As pineapple leaves are a waste product of an existing worldwide industry, no additional land, water, fertilizers or pesticides are needed; as such, the production of the leaves has virtually no environmental impact. (F#%@ Yes).

In-fact, the production of Pinatex has quite the positive environmental impact as 'bio-mass' is produced in the decortication process. This 'bio-mass' can then be converted into organic fertilizer or bio-gas and sold. Therefore, both the extraction of the fibres, and the production of bio-mass can provide additional revenue streams to pineapple farming communities. This material really does just keep on giving!

Pinatex offers a viable sustainable alternative to leather, as it is strong, durable, flexible, light and breathable, not to mention the added benefits of animal and human welfare. Bringing it right back to our Ahimsa ethos.

In the leather industry, toxic chemicals are used in the tanning process, which have terrible impact on workers health. Pinatex uses no harmful chemicals in its production. Big thumbs up for animals, humans and the environment.

Ethical, social and environmental responsibility are upheld at every stage of production, and the development of this innovative material is creating a safe industry for farmers in pineapple growing countries. The Ahimsa Collective couldn’t be prouder to be supporting such a new ethical and sustainable player in the textile game.

Watch this space for product care as we're forever updating it the more we get to know how Pinatex works best for us too.

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