Origin: Sanskrit ~ from 'a' meaning non/without + 'himsa' meaning violence/harm.

Noun: Ahimsa "Respect for all living things and avoidance of harm towards others" (in the Hindu, Buddhist & Jainist tradition).

Ahimsa Collective is a luxury accessories label, intent on producing products with no harm.

We are part of a new generation of change agents and thinkers.

We focus on both environmental and social responsibility.

We operate as a luxury fashion label; while inciting change.

We aim to not only reduce the fashion industry’s footprint, but attempt to reverse it.

We are not a Buzzword.

Business partners and friends, we met in a Melbourne Yoga Studio four years ago.
With a collective history of 10+ years in our respective careers of Product Design and Sales and Management, some would say it was like the left half and the right half of the brain finally becoming acquainted.

We bonded over Rosé and our mutual love for the Ocean.

We whined and pined for Sustainable, Ethical and Cruelty-free products and we tore our hair out looking for Accessory Brands that were both Environmentally-focussed and cruelty-free.

So, we stopped complaining and decided to create one ourselves.

We are Ahimsa Collective.

'Ahimsa' because we aim to place no suffering on the Earth nor it's inhabitants.

'Collective' because this isn't a movement exclusive to us. It requires a major shift in human behavior in the way we produce and the way we consume.

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