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ING Dreamstarter Corporate Packages - Climate Change Seminar


Climate Change - the Reality.

Hi, I'm Tessa.

For as long as I can remember I have been incredibly passionate about combating Climate Change.

After hosting a series of documentary screenings and talking on a multitude of Q&A panels on the topic, I recently underwent former US Vice President Al Gore’s The Climate Reality Project training, learning how to share this knowledge with other businesses wanting to take action and be part of the solution.

My background:

I grew up in a climate conscious household. We were taught to be mindful of our impact through energy and water use, were limited to very little plastic in the pantry and composted all of our food waste.

As I matured, I fell in love with fashion and textiles, converting my cubby-house into a Sewing Studio and working until the early hours of the morning. I am also the daughter of an entrepreneur who collected food waste from the Margaret River dairy industry and made incredible french Cheese. With these pillars as my foundations, owning my own business was always part of my plan. Unfortunately, however, the Fashion Industry and my appreciation of the planet never seemed to fit seamlessly into the same conversation.

Time wore on, I started (and sold) a number of small businesses, from womens' apparel to Social Media and Marketing Agencies. All of these seemed to tick niché boxes from 'producing locally here in Australia' to 'Social Enterprise' but none of them scratched my itch for product development in a Sustainable setting. I was beginning to recognise it was no longer enough to be 'environmentally friendly', we needed to be 'environmentally beneficial'.


Climate Change - The Reality

In April 2019, I was invited to attend the Climate Reality Project summit hosted by former US Vice President Al Gore. The conference was a combination of public speaking and a training course, educating attendees on how best to communicate to businesses and general society on the effects of Climate Change.


Upon my return to Victoria, I have taken it upon myself to book conversations with corporate businesses, imparting my knowledge and passion for a greener future to their teams. The conversations range from 'What is Climate Change?' to 'How Can our business benefit from combatting Climate Change?'. Read on to find out more.

Climate Change Seminar:

Over a period of 90 minutes, I will host an interactive seminar based on the following:

- introducing the basics of Climate Change,

- the proven effects of the Climate Crisis in places already suffering

- a description as to what our world will look like if we fail to change our path rapidly


From there, I will be asking your business to workshop:

- In-house solutions to creating a greener business,

- Help members of your team to write an action plan going forward

- Develop some cost-effective methods for lowering your Carbon-footprint and converting to Renewable Energy.

 Attendees of my Climate Change Seminar will walk away with a sense of empowerment, recognising this Climate Crisis is possible to solve through a combination small every day actions through to implementing major changes to our Industrial organisation.

If the above isn't enough for your business, a recent poll conducted by IPSOS in Australia concluded that 76% of Australian consumers stated they were more likely buy a product from an Australian company that was committed to 100% renewable energy.

To book a seminar, please visit and remember - these trainings are both a tax-write off, and an opportunity to help us crowdfund and expand our Sustainable Fashion brand. #winwin.