Frequently Asked Questions & Frequently Given Answers

We hear you and we're here to answer some of your questions in a bid to make not only AC more transparent, but also the fashion industry.


So, here we go. 

Are you a vegan brand?

We don't like to gamble, but you bet we are. 

If you haven't had a chance to read about our Pinatex material, then shoot on over now and hurry back. As well as Pinatex, we also source Dead Stock from the fashion industry. 

Both of which are non-animal materials.

And if we want to brag, we also don't use PU. Which is not only better for the animals, but for the environment as well.

What's behind the price point of your products?

Look. We get it. We are a tiny bit more expensive than some other brands out there.

We'll lay it out for you so you can be a part of our process and see where those dollars come from. 

  • First and foremost, all of our products are handmade. There isn't a mass production warehouse or machines chugging along to pump out product after product.
  • Our materials are either a by-product of pineapple farming (Pinatex) or dead stock. If you've already read about Pinatex, then you'll know our leather-looking products are actually pineapple leaves. Pinatex is a new material within the fashion industry, so there is limited resource. We feel grateful to have it in our hot little hands and pass it on to you. 
  • Deadstock. Well, let us break it down for you. We work with Australian companies, who save would-be waste materials from multiple industries, (including the fashion space) from entering landfill. We sift through mounds and mountains of material, find what we love and turn it into our bags. We spend many hours finding the right materials, ensuring they are perfect, in colour, texture and sustainability. Then, we put these materials through multiple tests to ensure they'll do what they are intended to do. 
  • We're Australian made. We're locals supporting locals. A strong focus from the beginning has been to produce in Australia. So yes, it's more expensive to pay Aussie wages. But we sure as hell love 'popping over' to our manufacturer (read blog - Man with the Magic Hands) to play, test and see our products. Australian-made accessory brands are limited, and we are proud to be one of them. 

Why are you creating more products that the planet doesn't need?

We strongly believe that consumers will always consume. It's been like that since the dawn of time .. well a while back at least. 

In saying that, we think there is a very long way to go in changing consumer behaviour, and the products they are offered. 

So one way we can help to reduce our planets waste is to up-cycle, reusing materials that already exist. No virgin materials here, Officer. 

Plus, we all need something to hold our things. Why can't that be environmentally friendly and chic AF?

It can. And you are welcome.