Ahimsa Collective is a luxury handbags and accessories brand, created by a team of change agents and creatives intent on producing accessories that cause no harm. We are a part of a new generation of thinkers who focus on environmental and social responsibility and operate as a luxury fashion brand whilst monitoring our impact to incite change.

Ahimsa Collective was formed out of a need to take action in a world where disposable and convenience is not only a trend but a way of life. Just like you, we tried to buy kindly and consciously and still maintain our sense of style but we have literally had no options, until now.

Our ethos is to not only reduce the footprint this consumer-hungry generation has had on the planet, but attempt to reverse it. Following this same ethos, we apply the word Ahimsa to our treatment of the Earth and all of it's inhabitants from production, all the way to delivery to your door. There is to be no suffering in any capacity.

Each of our collections and products have a contemporary focus, with a long lasting sustainable approach. Our methods of production ensure minimal, if any, material wastage. This is done by upcycling textiles, utilizing would-be waste materials (such as Pinatex and Ecoprene) and also using toxin and plastic free materials from branding through to packaging.

We are Ahimsa Collective.

'Ahimsa' because we aim to place no suffering on the planet nor its inhabitants.

'Collective' because this isn't a movement exclusive to us. It involves every single human to make changes to their consumption and help stop the world from blowing up.


You can find out more about the materials we use such as Pinatex and Deadstock here. Or browse our non-leather vegan accessories here.