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Ahimsa Collective is a luxury accessories label, intent on producing products with no harm.
We are part of a new generation of change agents and thinkers.
We focus on both environmental and social responsibility.
We operate as a luxury fashion label; while inciting change.
We aim to not only reduce the fashion industry’s footprint, but attempt to reverse it.

We are not a buzzword.

We bonded over Rosé and our mutual love for the Ocean.
We recognised the gaping hole in the market for Sustainable, Ethical and Environmentally beneficial products.
And we tore our hair out over the lack of fashion brands that represented environmental values as well as our trendy AF style.
So we stopped looking and started one ourselves.


The word Ahimsa is applied to our treatment of the Earth and all of its inhabitants. Throughout the production and life of our wares, there is to be no harm in any capacity.


Under this guiding principle we will only ever work with certified Ethical and Sustainable suppliers we know and trust.

We are Ahimsa Collective.
'Ahimsa' because we aim to place no suffering on the planet nor its inhabitants.
'Collective' because this isn't a movement exclusive to us.


You can find out more about the materials we use such as Pinatex and Deadstock here. Or browse our non-leather vegan accessories here.