First, take a seat because you're going to want to be sitting down for this.

Second; we're just like you 

We are consumers in a consumer-driven world. We've been known to dye our hair, wear fake tan and crave an icy cold rosé on a Friday night. 
We are also millennials who grew up in a world where disposable and convenience were not only a trend but a way of life. And boy, did it leave us with some shit to clean up.
Just like you - we tried to buy consciously and kindly and still maintain our #chicAF style but we have literally had no options...until now.
Now, technology has finally caught up to us trendsetters. Clever people in clever places have finally figured out how to make new shit out of old shit, essentially turning would-be waste into lush materials.
Our ethos is to not only to reduce the footprint our consumer-hungry generation has on the planet but attempts to reverse it.

We are the Ahimsa Collective.

'Ahimsa' because we aim to place no suffering on the planet nor its inhabitants.
'Collective' because this isn't a movement exclusive to us. It involves every single human to make changes to their consumption and help stop the world from exploding.
So that's pretty much how we got here. 
A trio of sassy marketers, commercial designers and production specialists. combining our skillsets and passion to save the world.
One bio-degradable, waste-free vegan-leather tote at a time.
So go ahead and take a browse through our Products or read more about Pinatex