As you may have noticed, we're here to save the world... or at least do our part in stopping it from blowing up. BUT, we can't do it without your help. 

Our intention is to place no extra demand on the Planet's limited resources and therefore our ethos starts from the very sourcing of our materials. We use a mix of materials from industry discards [read: off-cuts from high-end fashion houses or incorrect orders of colour/type/length] that would have otherwise ended up in landfill, and reuse them in things like the linings and structure of our products. 

While we long to see the day where there is no more Dead Stock to be reused, we know there is still a lot out there, begging for a little shine, a little love and a whole new life.

So, interested in partnering with us and potentially seeing your Dead Stock come back as a brand new AC product?

Fill in your details here and let's give that trash a second chance.

NB: while we love a good banana, the world unfortunately isn't at the stage of producing banana-leather, so let's leave those in your compost for now. Believe us, we've tried.



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