It’s a wonderful time of year, whether it be a warm summer’s day spent at the beach or a winter wonderland spent building snowmen.

The reason we, here at Ahimsa, love the end of year festive season so much is the change we see in people. The world around us seems to transform with more smiles, laughs and general kindness.

We also look at gifts that give back and are both functional and beautiful. It's so easy to get swept up in giving 'funny' gifts that are funny for as long as the remaining 6 days of the year, and then they become pointless and 'landfill'. 

So, while we’re steaming full steam ahead into the festive season, we thought we would share with you some ethical and giveback gift ideas for your friends and family this silly season.

These are gifts we have gifted in the past, and still see friends and family using and appreciating. While they're not bath thermometers [yep. that's a real thing ... because apparently the traditional use of using your body to test water is no longer done], they are gifts that won't end up in landfill and will continue to give over and over again.


Whether we are out for...


  • A coastal stroll
  • An early 'much-too-fast-paced for us' walk
  • Or a 'much-more-our-speed' morning juice (with Vegemite and avo toast)

Kappi, Australian owned and operated, offer products which are all zero-waste and plastic free. We use their items on the reg. Wanna join us? Reduce your own waste impact and grab a reusable cutlery set or water bottle. And no. It doesn't count if you choose to continually refill your plastic water bottle...


Clean Coast Collective
A not for profit Australian company, responsible for removing tonnes of plastic from Australian beaches, offers luxury reusable products such as gold straws and other lifestyle accessories.

Remember, a straw or water bottle when left at home, are as useful to the environment as a plastic bag to a turtle.  



This is First Base
With a strong shift in sustainable and ethical practices, Australian brand, This is First Base, produce apparel using certified cotton. They look at every touch-point of their production; from water usage, cleaning products and even heating/cooling usage.

Salt Gypsy
We wouldn't be Australian if we didn't mention a swimwear and beach brand.
Salt Gypsy creates women's swimwear from ECONYL. That is, 100% regenerated Nylon yarn coming from pre and post consumer Nylon wasteWe love the mix & match nature of making these pieces your own.



Greta Carroll Photo
You may have seen this name about the place and across our socials. Greta is responsible for all our brand and product imagery you see, and psst...the younger sister of our Creative Director. Her photography is like a visual soundtrack of Australia and the mystical environments she surrounds herself with. She, being the beautiful human that she is, also donates a quarter of every sale to a number of organisations across marine conservation, reforestation, aiding in access to basic healthcare and Indigenous education. 


Maddie Mueller Art
A dear friend of ours and spokesperson for our oceans, through her art, Maddie creates with the intention of bringing more awareness to our oceans and important conservation issues. Keep an eye out for a blog in the new year to find out more from this Aussie gem.


Now we don't mean that person who has everything in the world, including the useless stuff we mentioned around bathtubs and thermometers. 

We mean your Mary Poppins friend, who carries everything. You know the one...who always has a spare bobby-pin, the lip balm when no one else can find theirs, or a band-aid when our festive shoes are giving us regret.

Well that gal needs somewhere to store her life essentials, right?

Ahimsa Collective
...Because we couldn't not put ourselves on this list. Whether it's a coin purse, clutch bag or something a little larger, our accessories are suitable for all sizes. We even have a restock of our Cloth Reusable Shoppers for the men to feel the Ahimsa love.

Time Keeper
Beautiful friends of ours who believe in a world where every young person has the support and self-belief they need to discover their true purpose for a healthy, happy life. And show that support that through the sale of their watches. One for you and one for your partner ... it would be rude not to match.


Clare Press
If you've been with us for a hot minute, you'll know just how much we love Clare Press' Wardrobe Crisis podcasts and pretty much everything she does. So of course her latest, Rise & Resist book would be on our gift guide. 


Ellen Babauskis 
One half of Two Melbourne Girls, Ellen Babauskis has been busy in the kitchen, cooking with Alyce Alexandra. While it's not a conventional gift, it's one that will keep everyone in the festive-eating spirit, long after the long naps from Christmas lunch have passed. You can download her Recipe eBook here.


For those long Christmas lunches and balmy evenings, nothing competes with a cool glass of bubbly.

Riot Wines
With a strong no-waste ethos and Australian produced, we absolutely love Riot Wines. Our fave, if you haven't picked up on by now, is their Rose`. And the good news, they stock at many bars all over Australia and have started to sell online for those at-home treats.
Yes way Santa slay.

Goodwill Wine
Passing on 50% of their profits to Australian charities and NPO's, Goodwill Wine sources and supports Australian wine makers. So the more you sip the more you donate ... essentially. Any excuse for another bottle.


The Daily Bar
The Daily Bar use recycled and compostable packaging with only organic and natural ingredients making up their delicious bars. So chomp today, then compost away. Whether it's a healthy sweet treat or natural-naughty treat, they have all the mouthwatering options. 


  • Donate to those less fortunate. Either by way of money of gift donations at in-store organisations with tree's setup to receive donations, volunteer at a homeless shelter, donate goods or time at an animal shelter (especially after Christmas when sadly animal gifts are on-gifted to shelters);

  • Pay it forward; pay for a strangers coffee without them knowing. Or stop and talk to those living it tough on our streets and offer them a meal; or

  • If you are planning on heading away this festive season, ensure you do what you can when flying and choosing to pay a little more for your flights to be Carbon Neutral.
Remember. You never know the power of a smile, and it's free.
So Don't Worry, Be Happy.